Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How to Find Secret Rooms

To: Math Spies
From: The Director
Re: Secret Rooms
It has come to our attention, that Col. Chaos stashed important information in secret rooms hidden in the buildings on Chaos Compound.  To locate the secret rooms, compare the area of the building with the area of each known room.
Look at the diagram above.  In the first building, there are two rooms that measure 2 X 3 units with a 1 X 3 unit hallway.  There is no space leftover for a secret room.
In the second building there are two rooms that are 2 X 3 square units, but the hallway is 1 X 2.  There is a square unit leftover that is the hidden room.
You will see the puzzle like this:
This building contains two rooms 2 X 3 square units each.  The hallway measures 1 X 2 square units.  Is there a secret room?  If so, how big is it?

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